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Heritage Day Flanders

Heritage Day is the biggest one-day cultural event held in Flanders. This is an opportunity to showcase true heritage treasures. Each year, Heritage Day generates huge interest from the public as well as the media. Heritage Day is the living proof that both well-known and lesser-known monuments in Flanders continue to fascinate people. The recipe for Heritage Day remains highly successful: on the 2nd Sunday in September hundreds of heritage sites throughout Flanders are open to visitors, free of charge.

Heritage Day is organised by Herita

Herita has the privilege of managing and restoring valuable historical sites in Flanders, with the support of many volunteers. In this way our beautiful, but often fragile monuments - which tell so much about our history - are preserved for future generations. We open the heritage that we manage to the public. This way, a wide range of visitors can really discover, experience and appreciate these special places. In this way, we try to broaden and deepen the support for real estate heritage in Flanders. With Heritage Day as the year’s biggest and best celebration of Flanders’ heritage.